Most livestock farmers have one major goal in mind, and that is raising healthy and fat livestock. Yes, livestock farmers want their herds to be fat so that they can be attractive to buyers as most livestock are sold based on their weights and how healthy they look. For the animals to be healthy, they must feed on good foods made with the right ingredients like whole wheat, bone meal, palm kernel cake, oyster shells and a lot of other ingredients.
There is an increasing number of investors in the livestock farming business and it gives room for livestock feed production to boom. This is a business that can give an attractive return on investments for a very long time and since it’s not a highly competitive business, I advice you to give it serious consideration. Livestock feed production can be started on a very small scale (as small as 20 bags) so limited capital is not a challenge.

How to Start a Livestock Feed Production Business with No Money
If you don’t have enough money to buy the necessary equipment, this is what you should do. Now animal feed is about the formula-the ingredients you put into it and the ratio you use. The ingredient is what makes a good animal feed so first; you have to come up with a unique formula. Do some research and you will be able to come up with a very good formula.

After you must have gotten your unique formula, then you should look out for animal feed producers who have the necessary equipment. I know that a lot of feed producers in Nigeria allow you to rent their machines or produce and package your animal feed brand for you at a fee. Whichever one is available and cost effective in your country, just go for it.
When you have your packaged feed, then you can start marketing and selling and then keep repeating the cycle until you have gathered enough funds to buy the necessary equipment needed to start your livestock feed production business. Trust me, as long as your feed is of good quality and you are hard working and focused, you will have your own equipment in no time.
If you have enough capital and you want to start a livestock feed production business, then these are the steps you should take-:

5 Steps to Starting a Livestock Feed Production Business from Home

1. Feed Formulation-: First, you have to come up with a formula. This would depend on the livestock category you want to produce for. Of course, the formula for chicken feed would be different from fish feed. To come up with a good formula, you should learn about the nutritional requirements of the category of animals you want to produce for.
Common nutritional needs are protein, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrate. This is the most important aspect of your feed production business and you must take all necessary steps to ensure that you get it right. One of such steps includes employing an animal nutritionist to come up with a good formula for you.




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