There are times we are obliged to update some kind of posts on our Social Media timeline or send messages directly to our loved ones but they must be done at a particular time. It could be birthday wishes, some special announcement, reminders etc, these are examples of messages we put out at a specific time.

We are then faced with some daunting tasks such as composing the message and ensuring it goes out at the right time. Some time we start composing at the time the messages are suppose to have gone out. And other times, we may have composed but will have to wait for the right time to post.

Unfortunately, Messaging and other Social Media apps do not come with the feature to schedule but not to worry, there are several third party apps that are built to solve this problem.

For Android users, you could download some scheduling apps for Social Media and Instant Messaging. Below are some of the top apps you can download from Google Play Store for such purpose:

– Do it Later by Hnib: The app schedules SMS, Email and Facebook. The Pro Version has a broader functionality

– Scheduler by Softqube: Schedules SMS and Email

– Task Scheduler by Abderahim: Helps schedule SMS, Whatsapp and Email.

There are numerous apps that performs automated functions on Android mobile.



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