Professor Richard Akindele, the OAU lecturer who was found guilty of demanding for sex from Monica Osagie, and subsequently dismissed has broken the silence on the issue.

In a series of shocking revelations, he has explained that it was actually the student who started the whole saga. In an interview with New Telegraph, he revealed that he has Whatsapp evidence to prove the above and even two nude pictures of Monica Osagie who is the victim involved.

He said she sent him messages at 5 am in the morning and her nudes to incite sexual desire in him all with the motive of implicating him. He, however, stressed that both parties were culpable but she was only faster in implicating him.

He also revealed that the circulating voice note of him demanding for 5 rounds of sex was simply him playing along to see where she was headed. He explained that he presented this to the school but they weren’t willing to hear him out. When Monica was questioned about this, she accused the media of trying to wage a war against her.

This comes as a shock and has started off a new conversation.

Sex for marks: does the victim have a part to play in this?

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