Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the following prominent handset that Samsung’s productive presses will produce toward the beginning of August in another offer to manage the top of the line Android advertise for the rest of the year. Also, from what we’re hearing, the Note 9 is probably not going to frustrate.

Expected differences between the Note 8 and the Note 9

Samsung has been riding the high wave since it released the Galaxy S8, and it would seem that the Note 9 will be another effective part in its history. To be completely forthright, the Note 9 wouldn’t be vastly different from the Note 8, yet that is anything but a major issue – all things considered, the Note 8 was at that point a remarkable gadget, and there’s almost no Samsung could do to enhance it’s excellent champ.


Time to dive in and investigate what the telephone will be about. Obviously, all the information underneath depends on rumors and probably won’t compare with reality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Design

Obviously, we don’t anticipate that Samsung will redesign the Note 9 in any real way. The Infinity Display design dialect that got presented close by the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ in 2017 is as contemporary and crisp looking as they go and is in no need of a redesign now. Samsung was among the primary producers to kick-begin the bezel-busting pattern, and it did that without falling back on indents or other strange arrangements.

We would wager great cash that the Note 9 will be as various to the Note 8 as the Galaxy S9/S9+ was to the Galaxy S8/S8+: relatively correct duplicates with just an imperative change all over to mirror Samsung’s progressions in gadget design. Here’s the means by which the two may stack against each other:

Expected contrasts between the Note 8 and the Note 9

A slightly slimmer button at the base, and in addition a slightly slimmer top bezel are what we expect, yet it stays to be checked whether Samsung will convey these progressions. One part of the telephone that would almost certainly be redesigned is at the back – the unique mark scanner is likely getting moved just underneath the camera sensor. By and large, the Galaxy Note 8 had it situated to the side, which was not exceptionally easy to use, but rather observing that Samsung returned to this with the Galaxy S9, any reasonable person would agree that the Note 9 will likewise present such a change.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 "Crown" rumor review: Design, specs, camera, price & release date

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