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Ruiz vows to beat Anthony Joshua in Rematch


Ruiz vows to beat Anthony Joshua in Rematch

The Unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr has claimed Anthony Joshua is “not good at boxing” and vowed to land another victory when they fight again.

Ruiz, 29, stunned Joshua to win the IBF, WBA and WBO titles on June 1st and is under contract to take a rematch. The rematch has been scheduled for later this year.

In a new interview with BBC, Ruiz said “the rematch is going to be the same. I am going to be more prepared and more ready. I know his flaws. I can do a lot better. The only thing that he can do is just run around, he’s not good at boxing.”

Ruiz who was ridiculed for his physique vowed to weigh in lighter than the 268lbs he scaled before their original bout. He said;

“People thought I wasn’t going to do anything, I was too big, too overweight. I don’t want to say all the things I am going to change. There is going to be a lot of changing, I am going to come at a better weight this time. It’s going to be a hell of a fight.”

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