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Is Being In A Relationship While In School A good idea?

  • Am I emotionally stable and in control?
  • Can I separate love from academics?
  • Can I prioritize my books over him or her?
  • Does he or she seem serious with school?
  • Does he or she want to have meaningful conversations?
  • Do he or she pressure me to break school rules and participate in activities that can put me into trouble?
  • Does he she want us to be together every minute?
  • Does he or she see relationships as a forever thing or just a tool at the moment?
  • Are we compatible personality wise?
  • Do we have the same life goals?
  • Your answer to these questions should help you decide whether or not this person is for you. If you are not emotionally stable you would not be able to concentrate in school and it will definitely affect your academics. It’s even worse if you do not know how to separate one from the other. You have to prioritize your books over the person and let him or her know this. The only way they will be cool with “school over love” is if they take schooling and academics very seriously. Does the person break school rules and encourage you to particpate in actvities that are unlawful. Is the person needy and wants too much of your time cause this actually affects your reading time and assignemnt and test time. The persons view on relationships will also greatly influence how they treat you and the quality of the eventual relationship. Then your personalities and life goals have to be in sinc else you will have a relationship that is not healthy. If none of the above is a problem for you then being in a relationship is not a problem. But if it, is then it has to be worked on. Don’t feel prsssured to be in one. 1 in 100 school relationships actually last long. So if it is going to be to the detriment of your studies then it’s clearly a bad idea.]]>

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