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Recommended Hair Part Styles For Different Face Shapes


A lot of women alternate hairstyles based on diverse reasons. They focus more on the style inspiration than the actual effects it has on their individual facial features. Have you ever wondered if the hair part you go with has an effect on your look? If yes great, if no you must realize that when it comes to hair parts there is no one size fits all – well except you have an oval face then you are in luck. Some parts are more flattering for some face shapes and others just make the sharp features even more obvious.

If you want to know the best hair part for your face shape, then keep reading this specially created article for you.

1. Round Face: Just like the name depicts people with round faces have their entire facial features perfectly blended into a round shape. No high cheekbones. No excessive pointed chins. The forehead is round as opposed to having edges. If you have this face shape a non-flattering hairstyle will be centre parting as it will make your face appear even more round than it already is.

The best hairstyles for the round face shape will be side parting which is long and well below the chin as it will give some edge to the face.

2. Heartshaped face: This is characterized by high cheekbones, sharp edges as opposed to curves and well-pointed chin. People with heart-shaped faces will do great with a side-parted hair as well. Going with a centre parting will make your chin which is already a highly dominant feature look more prominent.

With side parting, your sharp feature will become softer.

3. Oblong Face: These are often times confused with Oval faces as they are almost similar to the latter. However, the major difference is Oblong faces are longer with well-pointed chins.

The best hairstyle for this face shape will be fringe or full bangs as it shortens the length of the face. Center parting is also very flattering for this face shape as well.

If you have an oval face then you have no worries as people with oval faces can rock any hairstyle and still look great. Your face has all the right features well balanced out and slaying comes effortlessly for you!



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