“Why do I always get hurt?” the question that you can’t seem to find an answer to. You’ve asked everyone who cares to know what could be wrong with you. You are frustrated and you want happiness so desperately and this is why you are here reading this article. If this is you then you’ve found your answers here. Keep reading.

You are not happy alone:

One of the biggest mistakes people make is seeking for happiness in the arms of another person. They make the mistake of thinking they can never be happy if they are single. Never date someone with the hopes that they will complete you because they won’t. It is this mentality that makes you needy and eventually draining to your partner. It puts too much pressure on the person and makes dating you stressful. In the long run, they will want to be free of you.

You have low self-esteem:

One of the major attractive features in a man or woman is an aura of confidence. A sense of self-worth that is well guarded. When you have a high self-esteem you will be happy alone and you wouldn’t be needy. Your partner would want to you show off and that sense of confidence would rub off on them. In simples terms how you project yourself to your partner greatly influences how they see and think of you. No one loves something they don’t think is good enough.

You are an excessive people pleaser:

Now making the happiness of your partner a priority is an important requirement of a relationship. Sacrifices are necessary when you are with someone as people are different and are bound to have conflicting opinions, needs and wants. But what ensures the success of the relationship is you both making things work. The problem actually starts when you overdo things. It starts when you totally erase your needs and focus excessively on pleasing your partner. In the long run, you will start to feel like a servant and the initial attraction they felt towards you at the onset would begin to dwindle.

You are not vocal about your grievances:

There is nothing worse than having a partner who nurses hidden issues in their heart and refuses to speak out. Rather than stating your mind, you decide to be all petty about it. You act weirdly to your partner and every attempt at getting you to speak your mind proves fruitless. In the long run, your partner would get tired and would want to search for peace.

You are too sensitive:

Do you find yourself overanalyzing every word or action that you partners says or does? You never take things at surface value and you always think of hidden meanings. Are you always angry over something they said or did? Do your partners complain that you get angry too easily or you are too sensitive. Then darling just maybe you are. No one wants to be with someone that makes them feel like they are walking on eggshells. You need to create an atmosphere in your relationship that promotes realness and silliness. You don’t want someone to feel like they have to filter everything they say due to the fear of your reaction. Basically, you need to calm down.

If you have been making these mistakes then I’ll advise you take a break from relationships for now. Work on yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally and date only out of love and not desperation.

Got any further advice, personal experience or alternate views? If yes please share with us in the comment section.



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