In our Biology classes we have learnt botanical names of fruits, animals and plants. Notwithstanding, some of us might not know the above name nor its health benefits. However, this article should enlighten us more on this fruit.

What is Carica Papaya?

Carica Papaya is the botanical or scientific name of Pawpaw. Also known as fruit of angels, Pappali, Omakaya etc. On the other hand it is said to have originated from Central America and Southern Mexico. Although also found in Nigeria.

Carica Papaya
Important Benefits of Carica Papaya

It is quite factual that all fruits possess great benefits either specifically for the hair or the skin. But the Carica Papaya is quite an all rounder. The pawpaw possesses health benefits,  hair, and also skin benefits. Right below are some wonderful benefits of the Carica Papaya

Health Benefits 

Boosts Immunity

Aids Digestion

Helps in muscle tissue renewal

carica papaya

Helps ease menstrual pain

Aids weight loss

Good for diabetes

Heals wounds

Skin Benefits

Reduces under-eye circles

Reduces wrinkles


Clears Pigmentation

Controls Acne breakout

Cures Ezcema

Hair Benefits

Prevents balding

Fights dandruff

Creates volume

carica papaya
hair benefits

Adds shine and bounce to hair

Works as a hair conditioner

Prevents premature greying

DIY Hair Mask

In addition, here is a DIY hair mask for a dry,damaged hair.


Take a few pieces of a freshly-cut ripe papaya
Add 1 tablespoon olive oil to it and blend well
Mix in 2 tablespoons coconut oil to make a thick paste
Apply this to your hair
Wash it off after 30 minutes with Shampoo and Conditioner



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