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Read This!! To Know How To Show Your Potential To Employers


Most of the time, organizations ask for a lot of work experience when they roll out any vacant position, which most times a lot of prospective might not have. This discourages a lot of people, maybe it must have discouraged you too at one time or the other. The good news is you do not have to lose your dream job because of the level of your work experience.

You can use the following tips to make employers overlook the fact that you do not have the required work experience

Show How You Learn And Amazing Things That You Have Done

You have to make employers see you as an asset and that can only happen when they can see what you have done on different projects in the past. You have to be able to show a portfolio that shows that you are a great learn and you are still interested in learning.

Identify the obstacles, describe your approaches for overcoming them, what you did and how you felt. What skills and behaviors did you use? What mindset helped? Also, show genuine humility. What did you struggle with and not achieve? Give reasons. What would you do differently now?

Employers want curious, adaptable, and resilient learners. So, show them your learning ability and what they would be getting if they hire you.

Give Ideas That You Have To Move The Firm Forward

Every employer wants to hear what you can do in your job position to take the firm to the next level, therefore make sure you have this.

Do not set goals that you will not be able to reach and let them know your strength and weaknesses with the process

Don’t pretend because they will see through you. Then talk about how you would deal with that situation or show your creativity through your ideas or ask a perceptive question. Consequently, the employer can see how much support you might need. They can see how large or small the gap is. The better your approach, the smaller the likely gap.

Do Not Over Hype What You Can Do; Be Yourself With Skill

You can’t sell a skill you don’t have. Occasionally people mistakenly think I’m suggesting that we can learn to fake confidence. Presence isn’t about pretending to be competent; it’s about believing in and revealing the abilities you truly have. It’s about shedding whatever is blocking you from expressing who you are – Amy Cuddy, PRESENCE.

Employers want energy, commitment while you’re with them, and self-confidence.

To summarise, entice them with your potential. Give them relevant evidence of what talents you have begun to show. Let them ‘see’ you in that role and their organization. Paint a picture of how your talents can be turned into strengths for the benefit of the employer given the opportunity.



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