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Random musings_ wey make sense



Eleja ti de ohh!

E ra ataa wa se obe!

The buzz of the generator set across the street even seemed in place, children calling out to one another, hawkers walking hurriedly while chanting.

The street is alive. I hear the shouts from the viewing centre across, I wonder which clubs are playing today. Football is not my thing, but I tolerate it showing on my TV. Not like I have much a choice, it’s Father’s TV anyway so he can watch anything he likes.

I wonder if he joins them at the shop too when we don’t have light. Would he scream ‘goal!’ with these small boys? I imagine him smiling after a goal, then frowning when the shouts get much. He would quietly reprimand them with his eyes, his eyes Sha.

The rain drizzles as if it’s unsure, “should I fall abi I should pity them?”

The shop adjacent to this salon I am making my hair, they make clothes there and sell clothes as well. It’s a little shop…

A girl comes out to pack the clothes on display, she doesn’t want to get soaked, I watch her pack them hurriedly.

I imagine the shop owner, she is my friend, thinking how small her shop is. If she asks for my advice though, I would tell her she needs customers first and not a bigger shop yet.

Bigger shop, bigger wahala. You start wanting to impress people, no customer is bringing cloth yet so you start putting your house clothes on display and all your ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ bags too, so they won’t say your shop is big for nothing, hian!

A customer comes in and you start bragging about having lots of work to do. You point to a Ghana must go, “that bag na customer clothes full inside, I know my work well” you brag but you don’t catch your toddler in time, he starts dragging out your undies and worn out wrappers. Sigh!

I have realized that we put our minds on getting big things so much, we don’t consider and prepare for the responsibilities that comes with them.

Let’s get there first, we say and that was how I went to buy big phone. I didn’t know big phone equals bigger data rates. Now, big phone stares at me, big girl wey dey use smartphone, no subscription. Tueh!

Don’t kill yourself if you are not getting the big things yet, prepare well, so that when ‘dem show, you go fit manage dem well.’

So, I am making my hair today, after a long while that is. I don’t like stress on my hair, only my kid sis makes my hair. I complain when it’s tight, don’t coman kill me for my mama.

She is at work now and I have to do this now, so I am here and they are making braids for me. At first it was just one person, now they are three, no four. I can’t cry in public so I am concentrating all the pain on this article. I guess mother will say I write well under stress, ouch!

I will be alright, maybe fine even Las Las.



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