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Ramadan Kareem: Food Options To Break Your Fast


Fasting is one process that disrupts the feeding and digesting of a human being. This, however, is always done for a purpose. Right now Muslin faithfuls are engaging in the Ramadan Kareem fast. In other words, their eating time has changed.

Fasting takes a lot of energy and also the determination to go through with, it also weakens the body. Looking at the Ramadan fast, Muslims break their fast at dawn and at sunset. Which means food eaten must contain nutrients that can energize the body and also prepare the body for the next long hours.

In other words, they need mostly energy giving food, and easily digested food. With that established, here are some food ideas for breaking your fast.

Food For Suhoor

Protein Rich Food-Egg, milk, meat, fish, beans.

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Fiber Rich Food- Avocado, Berries, coconut, peas, okra, black beans.

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Calcium and Vitamin Rich Food- Egg yolks, cereals, beef liver, tuna, white beans, sardines, soy milk, oatmeal.

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Food For Iftar

Potassium Rich Fruits- Sweet potato, Avocado, Spinach, Beets, Pomegranate, Oranges and Orange Juices

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Fluids- Water, Fresh Fruit Juices

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Raw Nuts-Almonds, Walnut, Tiger Nut

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Hydrating Vegetables and Fruits- Cucumbers, Lettuce, Cabbage, Pineapple, watermelon

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Most importantly during fasting, water is most essential.



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