Ramadan 2018

Official moonsighting committee in Saudi have confirmed a negative sighting and Ramadan will commence on Thursday 17th May with the following dates:

1st Ramadan: Thursday 17th May
Start of Last Ten Nights: Tuesday 5th June
Eidul Fitr: Friday 15th June or Saturday 16th June

#RamadanKareem and a special shout out to all my brothers and sisters who are making an extra effort to increase in prayer and worship this month, who are praying their daily prayers more regularly, attempting to wear hijab, trying out the feel of a beard and are after a long time, spending extended amounts of time in the Masjid.

May Allah give us the ability to continue with these actions as are required of us, even after this blessed month. Remember if you feel low, weak, lazy or just find it difficult then know that there are countless others also striving for the Sake of Allah, you’re not alone. Let’s talk to each other, help each other and support each other when we fall.

May Allah assist our suffering brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Kashmir, India, the Rohingya, Central African Republic and every other part of the world and give descend upon them ease and victory in this blessed month as He has done countless times before.

“and indeed Allah will never cause any of the reward of the believers to be lost” [Quran].



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