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R. Kelly's ex-Attorney declares Him Guilty

Image via Getty/Joshua Lott/AFP[/caption] RnB star R. Kelly seems to be seeing no end in sight to the allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him as his former lawyer, Ed Genson has told the Chicago Sun Times that the singer is definitely guilty. Genson who represented Kelly for 10 years is 77 years of age now and diagnosed with a terminal illness. He told Neil Steinberg that he had to get a doctor to give R. Kelly shots to quell his raging libido. He also described the singer as an exceptionally talented songwriter but “not a very bright person”.  When asked if R.Kelly was guilty, he said; “He was guilty as hell!. I don’t think he’s done anything inappropriate for years. I’ll tell you a secret: I had him go to a doctor to get shots, libido-killing shots. That’s why he didn’t get arrested for anything else.” When asked if R. Kelly was tampering with the jury by protesting his innocence on TV, he said; “He is. I’m trying to figure out why he did it. I don’t know whether his lawyer is an idiot. He might be.” Kelly’s current lawyer, Steven A. Greenberg, however, insists that Kelly is not trying to influence jurors; “R. Kelly is a grown man who can respond to these allegations as he sees fit. He didn’t talk about the charges, he didn’t talk about cases, he generalized allegations that he is some kind of monster running a cult. . . . This case is so far off in the future; who knows when a trial is going to be?  I don’t think anyone is trying to tamper or influence the jury. This is not something being orchestrated as some kind of defense trick.”]]>

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