Engineering Student at the Kwara State University, Olwadara Adedayo is currently lying critically ill in General Hospital Isolo after a group of policemen forced him to jump off a bridge in Cele area in Lagos.

The 24-year-old student who spoke to Punch revealed that he was in Lagos undergoing his industrial training when he was stopped by policemen and roughly handled. He revealed that they searched through all his belongings including his phone and when they couldn’t find anything incriminating they opted to arrest him and take him to their station.

However, due to the fear of the unknown, he decided to run away from them. He said:

“They ordered me to enter the bus they brought and I refused. I demanded to know what I did to warrant me entering their bus but they did not say anything, only for them to bundle me inside the bus. I saw an opportunity to escape from the bus and I did. I jumped out of the bus because of my past experience with policemen.

A few months ago, some policemen accosted me at Durba (Lagos) and accused me of being an Internet fraudster without any evidence against me. They took me to First Avenue, FESTAC Town, and collected the only N2,000 on me before I was released. I suffered before I got home that day.”

“When I stopped. The policeman quickly parked his motorcycle and pointed his gun at me, threatening to shoot me. Out of fear, I jumped off the bridge.”

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