Three Police officers in Lagos have been recently dismissed by the Nigerian Police. These dismissed police officers include, Momoh Sulaiman, an inspector, Emmanuel Monday,a sergeant and Adamu Usman, a Sergeant.

The attention of the Nigerian Police was brought to this three, when a video of their misconduct around Ojota Area Lagos State went Viral.

The video showed them spraying tear gas on a young man. Even though it was written on the video that a yahoo boy was shot by SARs Operatives, the police through its spokesman said it was just tear gas and not gun shot.

After due process and investigations, these three officers were dismissed and de-kitted immediately. However the dismissal proceeding of Inspector Momoh sulaimon has been forwarded to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2 for approval.

Meanwhile, the Lagos Police released its 2018 half-year disciplinary record of its officers showing that 95 persons were subjected to ordley room trials and 87 were punished.

8 Officers were dismissed, 4 demoted, 3 given severe reprimands, 4 receiving extra fatigue and 28 were given warning notice, while 5 officers were discharged and acquitted.

The commissioner of Police In lagos state said that this will serve as a deterrent to other officers who are also wishing to walk in the part of the punished lot. He warned all serving police officers to be professional at all times in the discharge of their duty and shun corrupt practices



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