The Peoples Democratic party in Nigeria is set to change its name which has been their trademark since 1999 to something else. This information was released by the former vice president of Nigeria and an aspirant of the party.

This declaration was made on Saturday in Yola at a rally held at Ribadu square, where the former Vice president, Atiku Abubakar formally declared his intention to contest for the presidential sit in 2019.

Atiku Abubakar while explaining why this is so, said with the recent losses the party is experiencing for a while now it is evident that it will not go far in the 2019 elections if its name is not changed.

He alleged that the ruling party has successfully branded the PDP a corrupt party and people are finding it hard to associate with the party. He said the change of name will help this set of people to be able to identify with the party which will help the party in the forthcoming general election.

He further stated that the assignment before the Ekweremadu committee would be to come up with a name that best suits the party, considering the short time between now and 2019, and also not forgetting that such a name must be easily recalled by the illiterate citizen.



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