The rate of suicide has gone up at an increasingly alarming rate. Studies have revealed that one out of ten people with severe depression attempt suicide. There are several persistent records of suicide and attempted suicide across all ages and classes of people.

Most times when this happens their family and friends are always shocked or oblivious to the triggers and their reasons for attempting or committing suicide.

The signs are always there. You just shrug it off or you aren’t looking enough. To prevent yourself from losing someone close to you, please pay attention to these 5 symptoms of depression.

  1. Lack of concentration, inability to remember details. Trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making a decision.
  2. Extreme tiredness.
  3. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness.
  4. Lack of hope and optimism.
  5. Sleeping too much oversleeping. Trouble Sleeping.
  6. Easily Irritated and restless.
  7. Loss of interest in things once enjoyed.
  8. Lack of appetite or overeating.
  9. Body aches and cramps that have no identified cause and don’t go away.
  10. Persistent digestive problems that reject treatment.
  11. Prolonged sadness, anxiety and a gloomy attitude.
  12. Suicidal thoughts or attempts.



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