We started the discussion on how to start a shirt business HERE, these are the other things you need to work on to have a successful T-shirt business.

Customer design options

Another method that would help you sell your T-shirts faster is to make it possible for your clients to sketch their own designs online. This could be done using templates that would be

How to Sell your Home-Made T-Shirt Designs Online

E-commerce websites

Websites like Etsy and eBay are good places to market your T-shirt designs. All you have to do is to create accounts and promote your goods on such websites. Remember that you would be charged a commission for using their services by these websites, so ensure that you include these costs in your pricing provided on your sales page or website.

Create a business website to promote your business

Your business website can even be an e-commerce website where people can select and pay for stuff online.

Negotiate with shipping companies

Since you will be working from home, you will have to rely a lot on shipping companies to help transport items to the buyers. If shipping costs are too high, people might be discouraged. That is why you have to find a way to talk to shipping companies so that they can give you discounts or offer you lower shipping prices.

Personal selling

You can also engage in personal selling and market your business to people around you like your friends or family members.


Another selling strategy that works is giving out freebies to friends and family or people that make contact with lots of people daily. For instance, a music band or celebrities may be able to attract more business sales.

Affiliate programs

Lastly, you can introduce an affiliate program whereby people can persuade other people to buy your T-shirts and earn commission for it.

Do not waste time on this, start work immediately, check other articles that will also help you with your business.



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