The United States of America through the Public Affairs Officer of the US consulate, Lagos, Darcy Zotter have said on Monday that the electorates and Nigerians, in general, should not vote based on candidate’s ethnicity, religious affiliation or other primordial sentiments.

This statement was given in Osogbo where Darcy, spoke on the sidelines of a sensitisation programme organised by the US Government Exchange Alumni Association, Osun State Chapter. This programme was organised to ensure free, fair and non-violent elections.

Darcy Zotter also mentioned that the electorate must shun sentiments and violence in order to elect credible politicians, who would serve the people. She also added that eligible voters should make researches about anybody that they are planning to vote for and they should make sure such persons are competent and possess the character needed to function in elective offices.

The Us envoy added that she is very pleased and very proud of the group that organised the event and vowed to support Nigerians in their efforts for free, fair, transparent and non-violent election.

She advised that people should cherish education on issues and candidate that are going to be contesting.

Concluding her statement, she stated that she could not say if the US officials from Lagos Consulate would be in the state to monitor the September 22 poll.



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