Name: Okachi Samuel

School: Adeleke University


Sex for marks is a disease on our campuses which must be tackled nation wide. We need our historians; sociologist and criminologist to look into this serious problem and at the same time provide solution to it.

Sex for marks, the scandal is a collective damage to Nigerian academics, and stakeholders in the university system will do well to ensure that such a thing does not happen again.

Sexual harassment could be used by university administrations as an opportunity to persecute lecturers holding alternative and anti-establishment views.

Bargaining for marks through money or sex calls for serious scrutiny and is highly condemnable, because it mortgages the standard and quality of our universities. If we mortgage standards, then the certificates we issue will be devalued and the graduates produced from universities, whether doctors, lawyers, or engineers, will be half-baked and pose danger to our societies,

I suggest that there should be more members on panels to ensure equity, and double marking of scripts to minimise subjectivity and sex-for-marks.

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