Marvel Comics brings together your favourite guardians from Guardians of the Galaxy, our friendly gods from Asgard, Thor and Loki, earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers and of course our friendly neighborhood Spiderman in one mind blowing movie that is sure to shutdown 2018.
In the first look at this mind blowing superhero movie, Captain America returns, but not like we know him, Spiderman gets an upgrade, Wakanda, the hometown of the Blank Panther is the battle stage and the almighty Thanos himself comes down to earth in search of the Infinity stones for his gamulet.
If you have been following Marvel’s journey through the many superhero films they have been releasing gradually, then this is for you. All you have seen and watched adds up in the first part of this mind blowing movie.
We definitely cant wait for May, 2018! Enjoy the first official trailer from Marvel below.



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