Name: Obianujunwa Gerald


We should understand that in this case there’s a prey and a predator. Now, every predator doesn’t just up and pick preys; there must be specific features the predators must see before he can make someone his prey. Same thing goes for this situation and let’s take a quick look at some of these things.
First, the victim knowingly or unknowingly might be giving out sexual cues or advances to the victimizer . One of these advances might be indecent dressing . Probably the victim always exposes parts of her body or wears body hugging clothes that appeal sexually to the eyes of the victimizer hence,whenever he is faced with an opportunity to demand for sex from her, he quickly grabs it
Second, little and seemingly insignificant things like submitting of assignments alone and late gives the victimizer the opportunity to carefully and thoroughly do a check to know if he/she can pass for a victim. Furthermore, victimizers who have been in the game long enough know  those that can easily fall into his traps. For instance, a male lecturer who has been long into the game of victimizing female students would be able to tell which lady is willing and able to do ” anything” for her academics . He’ll then focus on the passion she has for her books and then bring in the idea of ” sex for  marks” to her and being someone passionate about her academics who doesn’t want to fail for any reason, she’ll give in.
Fear is another deciding factor on the part of the victim . Research has proven that one of the strongest things that pull a predator to its prey is fear. Using the same characters in the example above, a lecturer might be able to know that female student who is SCARED; scared to say “No”,scared to stand up to immorality, scared to stand her ground, scared to stand up for herself….hence he’ll this as an opportunity to satisfy himself.
Also, unnecessary communication between a lecturer and a student also brings about things like this. Sometimes an awful closeness between a lecturer and a female student is  what leads to situations that in turn then lead to a lecturer demanding for sex in exchange for marks. Then pulling unnecessary attention to oneself can cause one to become a victim of ” sex for marks”. Some examples of unnecessary attention can be walking into classes late, wearing hideous clothes or makeup, correcting a lecturer in class as well( a lecturer can get really upset with this and decide to do a payback by asking for sex before any marks can be given).
Nevertheless, the victimizer despite all that has been said above has a part; a big one at that to play in this issue. It is his duty to give marks to students without asking for anything in return and if he does anything apart from this then that’s ” ABUSE”; abuse of office to be precise. It is not right, not moral and should definitely not be tolerated.

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