A business name most times is one of the simplest things to get, but if you are not careful you might get everything wrong from the beginning because of it. Naming a business is tricky and dynamic but you won’t go wrong if you the following steps of naming a business.

As simple as naming a business is, it is like laying the foundation of a business, a business name is the cornerstone of any business, and if not thought out analytically and correctly, the whole business structure will fall over time.

You only have to name your business once, why not get to know how to do it properly.

Let us talk about what makes a great business name



No Limitations





Steps To Create The Perfect Business Name

Create Guidelines

Ask yourself the following questions

What feeling/emotion do i want my business name to evoke?

What does my company do?


To get the best out of brainstorming for a business name, you have to do the following

Get a list of keywords that are related to your business and what you represent, the second step in brainstorming is to get the names of all your competitors that are doing well. Use these names to formulate names similar to them.

Make sure you write out any business name that comes into your mind even if it doesn’t make sense as at the time that it came to you.

Shortlist the names you wrote down

After you must have written down all the ideas you have for your business name, the next thing to do is to shortlist the names to the few that can actually work using the criteria above.

Check the availability of the shortlisted names

Check your list and find out if the names have not been taken, you do not want to be bearing a name that is registered already.

This will also help you to streamline your list even more.

Run a survey

Take each of these names and run a simple survey either on the internet or with friends and family.

Follow all these steps and you will get a nice result. You are on your way to get the best business name for your dream. Check out our other posts, it will really help you with your business.




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