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I am Not hiding Out Of Fear, It Is Called Wisdom – Senator Dino Melaye Says

Embattled Nigerian lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye who has been tweeting from his hiding place, has said he is not hiding because of fear, but only applying wisdom. Dino Melaye referenced a part of Bible where Prophet Elijah had to run and hide from King Ahab despite being one of the most courageous prophets at that time.

The Senator referred to himself as the modern Elijah that needs to hide, not out of fear, but out of wisdom.
“The Bible record prophet Elijah to be among one of the strongest prophets that lived, but he went to mount Carmel to hide when king Ahab sought him to kill him cos of the way he boldly declared the truth. There is a difference with being scared and being wise” he added.

Here is a picture of his tweet below:

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