The Former Governor of Ekiti State and Aspirant for the governorship position under APC has countered a statement by the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Ekiti State, who claimed that Kayode Fayemi’s Administration had incurred huge debts before he left 2014.

The PDP chairman claimed that N35.3 billion naira was used to service the debt acquired by the ex-governor, and it is what is causing the financial troubles in the state.

Responding to this, Kayode Fayemi denied the allegation, and described it as a falsehood sponsored by Gov. Ayo Fayose to smear his image as a cover up for his failure in office.

The ex-governor made this statement through his Campaign Media Director Organisation, Wole Olujobi, and said the campaign of lies was a sign of frustration from the Fayose’s camp.

He stated further that this was done by Fayose’s team because he is becoming more popular and they want to assassinate his character by any means.

The governor said the reports of the DMO shows that Governor Fayose over the past three years borrowed a total sum of N56 billion, even though he swore that he never borrowed anything while in office.

Fayemi through his spokesman agreed that during Fayemi’s tenure, a total of N25 billion naira was borrowed and he was able to pay back N14.5 billion and left a balance of N10.5 billion as opposed to what Gov. Fayose is claiming.

Making this allegations earlier, the Chairman of PDP Ekiti, said all the information he is reading out are documents from the DMO and the Federal Ministry of Finance, he explained further that between October and December 2014, the state’s allocation had N1.71 billion deducted to service the debts, in 2015, a total of N7.85billion was deducted from the state’s allocation to service the debts.

In 2016, N11.30 billion, in 2017, N12.12 billion and in 2018 so far N4.94 billion has been deducted according to the chairman.

While the chairman is claiming this huge figure the ex-governor is claiming another figure, is this not another mind game on the electorates?, who do you think is playing games on the mind of the people?, drop a comment below.



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