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Nosakhare Peter Igbineweka – Entry 2 (October Debate)

Name: Nosakhare Peter Igbineweka

School: Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma


I will choose a day with Bill Gate.
Firstly  considering the caliber of person he is, I can learn alot from him being the co-founder of Microsoft company with vast enterpreneural knowledge and skills. Just as the saying goes Knowledge is Power .
Although accepting the one million naira  will solve temporal challenges but it may not produce long time results  but  a day with Bill Gate, one can learn how to start a business with little or no money because starting a business requires alot more than money..
A wise man once told me that when meeting persons for the first time  do not start by telling them your problem  but have an idea, I mean a very good idea which will be beneficial to the person you are meeting and also to you. So in this scenario if my ideas are good enough and he buys into it and he invest into such ideas, such act can change the course of my life forever .
So in conclusion I will rather spend a day with Bill Gate than to accept the offer of one million naira.
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