Christian social wellness is stressed at Adeleke University, so it shouldn’t be surprising this Adventist institution bans PDA between the opposite Sexes. What is PDA? This simply means “public display of affection”.

That is, basic physical interactions like hugging, kissing, holding hands, sharing earphones or drinks, and so on are banned at AU. The institution believes this type of behaviour is bad for the students engaging in it as well as other students who observe these public displays of affection.

Students at AU are warned from time to time not to engage in PDA with the opposite sex. There are even talks of the school of going as far as banning sharing the same bench at night or being together alone.

Yes, AU is one of the few universities in Nigeria where premarital sex is prohibited in its regulations. Romantic relationships between the opposite sexes are allowed at AU. But by university code, all romantic contact beyond talking is prohibited.

Simple physical contacts like hugs and handshakes are allowed, but only for a few seconds (you might be asked to clean a dirty toilet as punishment for holding your girlfriend’s hand longer than 3 seconds).

And, of course, some AU students are saving their first kiss for their wedding night. Also, it shouldn’t be surprising that the institution suspends any student found spending time alone in a hotel with a person of the opposite sex.

While you are a student of AU, the institute expects you to live by the school rules even while off the campus.

That’s right, while at AU you should forget about making special “romantic” plans on Valentine’s Day. AU believes that all the romantic ingredients of Valentine’s Day celebration are means of promoting a culture of free sex.

But in terms of rules concerning inter-gender relationships, AU isn’t even close to the strictest school. At CU, for example, all physical contact with an opposite sex, including hand-shaking, is forbidden. Some CU students will even tell you that staring too long into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex can get you suspended!



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