A herbalist by the name Chinaka Adoezuwe has been’shot to death recently at Imo state when he was testing out the Charm that was supposed to shield him from bullets.

The use of charms like this is common in Nigeria, but unfortunately, on that day the herbalist met his Waterloo.

According to reports, a client came to buy the charm and the herbalist wanted to show how effective his charm was, he said the client should shot him after hanging the charm on his neck.

The young man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

A related type of this type of incident happened also in January when a man drank a supposed “bullet-repelling” liquid and was shot dead while they were testing it, even though the seller assured the man that he could not die if he was shot.

The herbalist, 26 who must have gotten it wrong somewhere according to some witnesses met his unfortunate end. What do you think about this, drop a comment below, lets talk.



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