On Tuesday, 5th of June, Nigerian Government through the Federal Executive Council (FEC) scrapped the award of polytechnic certificate HND. Also part of this new phase of decisions is the scrapping of non technology courses in polytechnics which interestingly makes up 70% of courses currently studied by students in these institutions.

They further added that Polytechnics will no longer be independent institutions but will now be colleges of Technology for Degree awarding Universities. To kick this off in full force, the two major polytechnics in the country, Yaba College of Technology(Yabatech) and Kaduna Polytechnic will now be known as City University of Technology respectively.

He added that the affiliate universities which will be assigned to each polytechnic will appoint provosts in the polytechnics to bring harmony between the two institutions.

This decision comes off as bigoted and not well thought out. It also comes off as discriminatory and unfair to the students of polytechnics and the institutions themselves. Yes there is an unfair discrimination against HND graduates but the solution isn’t scrapping the certificate, the solution is to set laws that greatly punish offenders.

A lot of these polytechnics are great institutions of learning who release well trained graduates as polytechnics are reputed to be more practical than their BSC awarding counterparts. This decision will affect a large majority of students and it makes one question the real motives behind it.

How can you confirm that 70% of courses in polytechnics are non-technology yet you want to scrap them all. They literarily want to scrap entire departments, render lecturers out of jobs and stop students who can’t get admission to corrupt universities from studying at an alternative institution.

They say the HND certificate will still be valid afterwards, but we all know how Nigeria is. Even without this new policy, these graduates are already facing heavy discrimination. Let’s picture just how worse it would get when the institutions they obtained these degrees from no longer exist.

There are lots of problems with our educational system and scrapping polytechnic courses and certificates isn’t near the solution. It just creates more holes.

I understand that this decision has been made several times over the last decade. I hope it goes away just like the past times.

Are you a student of a polytechnic? What do you think about the governments new decision?



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