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Never Do These Three Things After Eating


Eating is an important requirement for humans to live and survive. There is a limit to how long people can go on without food. And so it has become one thing that is almost natural to us. However, there are certain behaviours, actions and activities that we should never do immediately after eating. These are the most dangerous three to the body.

  1. Taking A Shower: During digestion, the body needs a lot of blood flow to the stomach region to enable the cells and digestive enxymes do their job effectively. If you shower during this, you basically alter the process as showering causes blood to move to the arms and legs as opposed to the digestive region. This can put a lot of strain on your body organs.
  2. Drinking Tea: This is the most common. A lot of people are unaware that the regular tea that we drink actually interferes with the iron absorption by the intestines. Doing this consistently can cause aneamia which if not well taken care of can cause death.
  3. Smooking: If you are a regular smooker, please note that you should never do this after eating. The nicotuine present in cigarettes actually binds the oxygen in the body and causes the body to absorb more carcinogeous substances. Continous poractice of this increases your risk of having bowel cancer.

So next time you want to eat, do not shower, drink tea or smooke. Health is wealth.



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