One of the most painful part of losing or damaging a phone is losing all the important pictures stored on the phone. You can only retrieve those pictures you remember to upload on your social account such as Facebook and/or Instagram. The good news is you can now have your pictures automatically backed up such that when you get a new phone, you can retrieve all at once.

When you set up your Android account, you are compelled to log in with a Gmail account, this Gmail account is responsible for allowing you access to Google Playstore and some other important functionality. In order to ensure you never lose all your important pictures, download Google Photos App.

It automatically synchronizes all your images and store on your Google Drive even without you knowing anything. You can retrieve this pictures anytime you feel like. Even when you change your phone, you do not need to start sending all those pics one after the other. All you need do is to download the app and login your Gmail account, your pictures automatically downloads to your new Android mobile



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