As a business owner, you are to create value, but have you ever wondered why so many business owners do not get compensated enough for the great value they create? That’s where “how to negotiate as a business owner comes in”.

You need to master how to negotiate before you even start the production of your products. I said before the production, because you are going to add some examples of what actually went into the production you are negotiating about. This skill is very important for you as a business owner. The following steps will help you in getting it right on how to negotiate as a business owner.


You have to prepare properly for any negotiation. You do not want to start sounding like you are inexperienced. Get more than enough information on your product both pre-production, during production and post-production. To get the best out of negotiation you need to have a strategy; are you just going to be blunt with your offer or are going to throw the floor open for the negotiator to give you an offer. You need to know what you want to do before the negotiation begins.

Get The Leverage

Leverage is the advantage you have over the other party. You need to get to know that while you are preparing. This is your selling point, you need to know when to show your leverage cards, is it more than one? Make sure the other party know what you have that they need, and why it is so important for them to get it.

Work Towards A Win-Win Situation

You need to know what the other party wants and want to gain from the negotiation. You cannot focus only on what you will get, you have to win and the other party needs to win too. There must be a compromise; this is the only thing that will make the negotiation to stand.

Know what you want, know what the other party wants, then sit down and talk about how you can both get the best out of the deal.

Patience Is A Virtue

Do not push too hard on any negotiation, follow the conversation and relationship and work with it and let it grow organically. What i mean is let the flow of things move up or down naturally, do not push it. It will really help you with the way the other party sees your desperation. Silence too will really do a lot.

In Conclusion

Follow all that we have talked about, always have the end game in mind; do not forget the reason you started the negotiation at first.

Share you negotiation experience below, let others learn from you.



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