We all know how very unattractive brown sets of teeth are, it’s very embarrassing, some people find it very difficult to laugh with their teeths open because their teeth is brown or probably has other colour far from white. Achieving a healthy strong white teeth is easy when your teeth is properly taken care of. Everybody want to have a white and sparkling teeth, here are some tips to help you archive that

1. Coconut oil pulling: Oil pulling is an effective way of removing bacteria from the teeth. Coconut oil is a more effective oil because it contains lauric acid which pulls out bacteria. Swiss coconut oil in between your teeths after brushing, leave for about 15 mintues then spit out from the mouth, you can also brush with coconut oil.¬† Pulling can be done everyday as it’s healthy for the teeth and also protects the gums.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): ACV is an antibacterial effective for whitening teeth and removing stains. Brush your teeth regularly with ACV, after which you brush with your regular toothpaste then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. ACV should be used 2-3 times a week, regular use can erode your enamel.

3. Baking Soda: Sodium Bicarbonate also known as Baking soda is very¬† effective as a stain remover and teeth whitener. It’s a mild abrasive that prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth, there by giving a fresh breath.
Using Baking soda with Lemon juice: Lemon contains bleaching agents, it can bleach and whiten the teeth. Just add lemon juice to baking soda to form a paste and brush with it.

4. Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching and whitening agent. Leave hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for 3 mintues after which you rinse, this helps kill bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is more effective when used with regular toothpaste or you can make a paste with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, then brush with it.

5. Other effect ways are:
Activated Charcoal: Brush with charcoal powder, Charcoal powder makes the teeth whiter, remove toxins and stains.
Lemon and Orange peels: Rubbing your teeth with lemon or orange peels can help your teeth become white. Rinse after rubbing.



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