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Natural Ways To Test Pregnancy At Home Without A Strip


Before the invention of technology, our women have used several natural ways to test if they are pregnant. Some women who are too anxious or scared still resort to using these processes. If you are unable to get pregnancy test strips and you are looking for a reliable alternative, then these three methods will be beneficial to you.

  1. Stored Urine Test: Get a wide container and fill it with your urine. Cover it up for 4 hours and go back to check it. If a white film like substance forms at the surface then you are most likely pregnant. If it doesn’t then you are not.
  2. Toothpaste: Get white toothpaste. Wait till morning and collect your first urine. Pour it over the toothpaste. If it changes colour then you are most likely pregnant.
  3. Look At Your V2gina: In the early stages of pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow to the v2gina area. If you look well enough you will see a reddish glow all around the area.

As fun, and somewhat effective as these are, it is important to still confirm all pregnancy speculations with a trip to hospital or a home test strip. They are inventions for a reason!



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