These words and phrases in the Unilorin students dictionary can get a non-unilorite or fresher confused. This dictionary doesn’t follow alphabetical order rule, but it will keep you in the know.

  • Maigida-BRT buses
  • Korope-shuttle/minibus. It took me about 2weeks to fully grasp what people mean when they say “I entered korope.”
  • Shunting– not staying in line. In Unilorin, it’s like a trend, because students practically have to queue for EVERYTHING. And no one wants to be last, so… We have different categories of shunters, they are:
  1. Experts- they always arrive home or get into the bus before those who have been in the queue for hours. They never get caught, hence, they deserve awards.
  2. Learners- haven’t mastered the art of begging and they usually get denied space or they get caught by officials.

Hypocrites- they shunt, but if they happen to be in a position to allow someone else shunt, that’s when you’ll hear: “Ahn ahn brother/sister na wa o. Is shunting not a sin? I can’t let you stay in front of me fa! I’ve been here for a long time, and you’re just coming.”

Synonym: by-pass

Face Tanke – go back the way you came; go home.

Synonyms: expulsion, rusticated, re-write JAMB.

Fa – a Kwara state idiosyncrasy. Synonyms: “joor” “oo,” “jare”

Torh – (not Thor Ragnarok oo) as if to say “suit yourself”  or “whatever” or “Okay oo” depending on the situation/conversation.

Synonyms: Okay, Alright.

Scholar – normally, this refers to a person who is well knowledgeable in their field of study. In Unilorin, it means the same thing; someone who “knows book” even if you’re a crammer or just appear to be intelligent, or probably because people see you reading a lot, next thing you’ll hear is: “scholar!” Sometimes it may be said sarcastically.

Synonyms: ITK (I Too Know), brainiac, nerd.

Stuff: this one is peculiar to UITH (University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital) students.

Types of stuffs:

  1. hyperstuffinemia – when you’re intelligent. In essence, “you’re so full of stuff.”
  2. Lack-of-stuff: when you’re an ‘olodo’; you don’t know stuff.
  3. Toxic: when the stuff you know/say isn’t relevant to a conversation or question.

Unilorin Students and non-students, Which did you find hilarious or weird?

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