Motorola One Power 📱 Photo and Specs Leaked

In April, Motorola declared the first devices in its 2018 lineup with the Moto G6 and E5. Ongoing weeks have seen various holes about the Moto Z3 Play and today another report uncovers that the Lenovo-claimed organization is potentially arranging an altogether new gadget and lineup.

Moto G6 Plus
Moto G6 Plus

According to Android Headlines today, the company is working on a device called the “Motorola One Power.” This device picks up where the X4 left off by being an Android One device as the logo on the rear suggests.

Moto E5
Moto E5

Beyond the overt “One” branding in the phone’s name, what’s notable is how this is not another “Moto” phone. The G6 and E5 this year already printed the “Motorola” workmark directly on the device, but the official names retained the shortened branding. It appears from the one image released today that the company is shifting to new lineups. Additionally, “Power” suggests more variants are on the way.

Meanwhile, the design also appears to be a departure from Motorola’s existing devices. The phone looks a lot like the iPhone X with curved edges and a flat back compared to the usual sloping rear that results in a nice hand feel.

The camera stack is no longer circular and centered, but rather vertical on the left-hand edge. There are two lenses with a flash in the middle, while there appears to be a fingerprint sensor that features the “M batwing” logo.




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