Earlier in the week Oluwaseyi Crown, a 100 level student of creative arts who emerged as the Mobizone June Debate winner came over to the office to redeem her cash prize and student ambassadorship.

We quizzed her about her experience and here is what she had to say:

It feels good to win, it feels good to be applauded but the process is inconvenient. There were different phases I went through during this debate and they taught me good lessons.

Mobizone June Debate

The first thing I learnt is to never neglect opportunities. I was almost not going to participate because my friends weren’t and I didn’t want to spend time requesting for votes. But I changed my mind because this is something I know I can do.

So I made the video and sent it to mobizone, who later sent a link to my uploaded video on their website ( ). Sending a broadcast with the link on what the debate was about and summoning people to vote was the next thing I did.

Mobizone June DebateI started with 3 votes which later increased to 30+. I sent another broadcast to people on WhatsApp and my votes increased to 63. After checking others’ votes, I relaxed…

Days after, I discovered someone had almost 200 votes. I decided not to continue ’cause I couldn’t imagine where to get up to those after plenty begging only to get 63 votes. I told a guy about this and he was like, ‘ Seyi, forget. The girl has won.‘ (LOL) I just smiled without arguing. I was pained.
Four days before the closing of the voting poll, I playfully told a course mate thinking he’d discourage me too but he didn’t. He told me to send the link to him and I should make sure I disturb people to vote while he tells his ‘guys’ to do the same.

With the help of friends, a cousin and my Mom, I was able to reach 1,392 votes which earned me my position as the Mobizone June Debate Winner. If I can do it, then you can. Do not be discouraged at any point in time.

There’s a new competition for July which is about the sexual harassment problem in schools. All you have to do is write a ten-line piece or record a one minute video and audio and send to [email protected] You could just be the next winner.

Visit: for the full details and to see current entries.



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