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Mobizone Best #BBNaija 2018 Couples Award -See Positions

Fifth position Coming at number five is the highly dysfunctional Ceebi. They gave us a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From being the best looking couple to slaying outfits and winning challenges, Ceebi brought a lot of good stuff. But unfortunately, the drama and the incessant fights lowered their scores on our scoreboard.

Fourth Position

Loto gave us some deep attraction and devotion goals. The two parties seemed genuinely in love with one another and despite Anto finding out about the other girl outside, they were still able to walk through it and come out strong.

Third Position

Whether official or unofficial the Tolex love was crazily contagious in all ramifications. From Tobi taking care of Alex when she was at her lowest, to their cute dance moves together on the dancefloor, Tolex gave us everything we needed from couple goals. They even gave us the couple that prays together stays together vibe.

Second Position

BamBam and Teddy A were no doubt one of the cutest couples that graced our screen this past season. We loved their deep continuous passionate kisses. We loved their togetherness and how inseparable they were. They are both good-looking and highly ambitious and it is no wonder they stand strong in our second position.

First Position

One thing we love about Miracle and Nina’s relationship is space. As much as they connected mentally, physically and emotionally, they were also able to have meaningful friendships outside of themselves. They were both focused on their dreams and goals and their relationship was treated as the icing on their beautiful journey in the house. Despite Nina’s initial denials we still can’t deny this amazing pair their win as the best couple this season. Congrats Once Again to all the housemates for making it into the house and to the finalists’ Miracle, Cee-c, Tobi, Alex and Nina the sky is your starting point.]]>

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