The new president of Mexico Andres Obrador who became the president-elect of Mexico on Sunday has declared that there will be a transformative change in Mexico, starting with him not using a bodyguard.

The President-elect was seen leaving the country’s national palace in the front of a white Volkswagen Jetta which was swarmed by hundreds of jubilant supporters. There was no bodyguard seen anywhere.

The president also mentioned that his plans include reducing corruption and violence that has become the status quo, though Obrador has yet to provide details.

The president’s decision to move about without guards has sparked worry because of the recent records of violence in the country.

The President insisted that the people will protect him, and also said “he who fights for justice has nothing to fear”

Speaking to a large hall packed with the press during a lively, 35-minute back and forth discussion, he also said “you will all be watching out for me”

This new development is a direct contrast of the former president who always had controlled appearances and heavy guards all around.

The president also said that he will not be using the presidential jet or the presidential residence and he will be earning half of the salary of the former president.

A professor of public administration at the Colegie de la frontera norte in Tijuana commented on this development and said, that Obrador’s new status may compel him to make some compromises, he said the president-elect should understand the risk and that once he’s elected, he doesn’t owe it to himself, but to the country.

We hope he delivers everything he is planning to do.



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