The 100 level students of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) were relieved after the much-anticipated matriculation ceremony which according to the school’s academic calendar was supposed to hold on the 2nd of March, 2018, finally held on the 29th of the same month.


Although most students complained that due to the continuous postponement of the matriculation by the school authorities, their excitement towards the ceremony had waned. Nevertheless, one interesting event of the day that most UNILORIN students looked forward to (apart from pictures and after party of course), was the bonfire night.¬†It has become a custom yearly at the University of Ilorin to host a bonfire night to officially welcome the freshers into the better by far institution in an ‘informal’ way sort of. This year, the event started by 7 p.m and lasted till exactly 10 p.m, because the school has strict rules concerning parties and extracurricular activities. There was an actual “bonfire,” and this year’s edition was sponsored by Infinix.


As part of the activities for the night, a dance competition was carried out, to the delight of the crowd of students. About 26 students emerged from the crowd to compete for “best dancer,” (the majority being guys), but a beautiful young lady turned out to be the last person standing! Her name? Olaiya Olawunmi Christiana¬†who prefers the stage name Efejoku (translated from Yoruba to English as “you will dance till you die”). Efejoku popularly called Wunmi by ALL (no kidding, she is that popular in her department), is an English student under the Faculty of Arts, Unilorin, with a flair for dance.


There is no doubt about her passion for Art, as she previously won the sum of 10,000 Naira in a lip-sync competition during Phylia 2.0 event organized by the Performing Arts department. As to how she managed to emerge overall winner of the dance competition, here’s what she had to say: “Being able to go on stage and do what you love without fear or shyness, that’s confidence. I try my best to compete in these sort of things in order to improve and open myself up to new opportunities.” She also had a piece of advice for people who are talented but lack the confidence to go out there: “Always try to be confident. Your talent was given to you by God for a purpose. You are meant to look within you and explore your potentials, do not hide your talent (s), because just like me, someone out there can learn from or be inspired by you.”


As the best dancer, Wunmi was given a prize of a fancy Infinix branded umbrella.

Way to go #Efejoku, more heights!

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