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Meat Lover? See Dangers Of A Heavy Meat Diet


Are you that person that can’t eat rice without at least 3 pieces of meat? Is Asun your obsession? Then you just might need to reconsider being a meat lover as several studies have brought to shore the high dangers of this obsession.

A heavy meat diet has been linked to diverse diseases and sicknesses. Here are the three most dangerous effects of a heavy meat diet:

  1. It greatly increases your risk of cancer: The world health organization (WHO) has declared meat a carcinogen which simply means it has a strong link to the deadly illness of cancer. Healthcare professionals have discovered that the components of meat are devoid of fibres and it is a strong source of a lot of hormones and materials linked to cancer.
  2. It spikes up your levels of bad cholesterol which causes heart attacks: Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death among people. Science has discovered that a high amount of cholesterol greatly increases your risk of developing heart disease which could result in a heart attack.
  3. It may make you resistant to antibiotics: Animals are excessively treated with antibiotics and eating a diet high in meat releases a lot of antibiotics into your blood.

Rethinking your decision right? it’s best to reduce your consumption of meat as there are too many scientific pieces of evidence showcasing the grave dangers of these delicious animal products



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