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How to Make Money from Establishing a Local Football Team


The love and passion for football by Nigerians is unquestionable. There are lots of aspiring football professionals out there. You can tap into this vast opportunities to enrich yourself.

You may be worried about your lack of paid job, you will later realize that you can actually make more if you venture in something that you have passion for. Because there are many young football players out there looking for exposure, you can set up your local football team.

These days, football agents are raking in a lot of money from player transfer, that will be your key motivation to start yours. You may not start as an agent but being a manager is a good way to start.

What Does it Entail?

Starting your local team does not require much. There are lots of them out there but you need to be unique in your mode of operation if you want to stand out.

As a local football manager, you need to understand the game, have a philosophy, and be able to motivate players

Some basic requirements

– Get some players in your neighborhood and shedule weekly trainings
– Set the necessary tools: Balls, Gloves, Some boots etc
– Identify training location
– Set your registration fee for new entrants. Print out some registration forms
– Set Monthly membership dues
– Establish a communication channel
– Set up Social Media Pages
– Organize Friendly Matches
– Partake in Competitions

From the steps highlighted above, there are several ways you can start earning, both in the short and long run. The first instance is setting a registration and membership fee. Your organization and mode of operation is key of you target massive membership. In this case, you are not expected to run everything on your own. You can start with two extra coaches.

Also, you can seek for sponsorship from corporate bodies. Partake in competitions, your team will be rewarded if they excel. Produce talents, seek partnership with FIFA endorsed agents, there are lots of them on Social Media. Get your players go for screening. You would be entitled to compensations if foreign club sign any of your players



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