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How To Make Your First Kiss With Her Memorable

So you like a woman, she seems to be the real deal. She gets you in all the ways that you want and you want to take the relationship to the next level with a kiss. Here’s how to make your first kiss with her memorable.

Before The Kiss

  1. Ensure that you pick a beautiful but private location. Either a house or an intimate location where not too many people are present. You don’t want her to be worried about people looking when you are kissing her, do you?
  2. Make sure you’ve done your homework and she has previously shown signs of wanting to kiss you. You don’t want to kiss someone that has friend-zoned you.
  3. Be a perfect gentleman that day: Open doors, make her lunch or make her comfortable. Let her talk. Flatter her and give her compliments. Make her mind warm up to you and eventually her senses would.

Now To the Kissing Moment

  1. Talk to her about how beautiful she looks and how you can’t take your eyes off her. Be creative with your words but make sure they sound natural and real.
  2. Hold her hands and play with her fingers gently. If she acts cute and smiles, don’t stop. If she acts uncomfortable slow down a bit and postpone it.
  3. Place your hands on her hair, then to her cheeks whilst never taking your eyes off her. If she doesn’t jolt away continue.
  4. Compliment her lips and tell her you want to make her yours forever or something cute about taking the relationship to the next level. Remember natural words fair better.
  5. Gently place your lips on hers and softly kiss her.
  6. Increase the tempo until she moans softly.
  7. Don’t touch her intimately stick to her hair, hands and cheeks.
  8. When she seems cool and cozy then pull her close into a cuddle whilst gently placing feathery kisses on her forehead.

And voila that’s How To Make Your First Kiss With Her Memorable. She’s yours forever. Please ensure your mouth is well brushed and you do not eat any offensive smelling food the day before or on the day. Also, ensure that you know how to kiss. If you don’t, find out!

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