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How to Run a Successful Cake Baking Business in Nigeria


Cake business is very lucrative for those who understands it. You need to understand the basic requirements that would make it a success in Nigeria

Below are things you need to know:

1. High Demand Cakes
People like cakes a lot and therefore eat it a lot. People can have it at any time of the day so its consumption is not limited to particular time. Another reason people like cakes are the various choices and flavors they can get from it.
For examples, we have chocolate, strawberry, fruits, cream and lots more, which makes cakes appealing to different kinds of people.

Also for people who feel cakes are not too healthy for them, there are cakes that can be made to suit their needs and lifestyle and will not affect their health

2. Cakes are used on Various Occasions
There is a saying in some quarters that no event is ever complete without having a cake. This may be true to a certain extent as we see a lot of events and occasions take place with a cake present.
Birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, parties have cakes present at the occasion and therefore making the demand for cakes rise.
Reasons Why You should Start Cake Making Business

3. Cakes are needed in All Seasons
Cakes are not restricted to being a product that only sells at a particular period as it can be consumed anytime.
It is right that cakes have their peak season of sales like festive periods such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and valentine celebrations, but cakes can be eaten every day without celebrations occurring and happening.

4. Cakes are Affordable and Cheap to Buy
So cakes can cost a lot especially when they are made for events and occasions and special events. Also, their sizes if big can cost a lot. The good thing about cakes is that they can also be cheap and affordable. There are various small sizes and flavors that can be afforded by people. Small cakes like cupcakes and slices are cheap and can be afforded by many people.

For those worried about the cost of setting up the business, it all depends on how you want to start. The good thing about the business is that it can be started from home and at minimum cost. First of all, make you have learned how to bake and have the required knowledge and skill.

You can start by baking with your stove and oven and making people around aware that you are into the business of cake making. You can tell your friends and family, church members what you are doing.

The good thing about the business is that you can do it on a part-time basis if you have a regular job. You can tell your colleagues at work also and work on the weekends baking cake for people’s birthdays, weddings and other occasions.
For those starting in a big way or for people willing to expand the following will be needed.

1. Get the training
To help you be a success in this business you have to go for proper training to be able to know how to bake properly.
There are a lot of different cakes that can be made with a lot of styles, designs, and decorations for cakes these days that need to be learned and this can be done through a good training program.

2. Equipment And Materials for cake Production Business
There are basic equipment and materials needed when starting the business of making cakes. They include ovens (electric or oven), baking pans and boards for baking, flour, oil, baking powder, butter, flavors, sugar, syrup and other ingredients needed.

Your ingredients will vary depending on the type of cake you intend to make. For example, you will need different ingredients for making a fruit cake, chocolate or cream cake.

3. Choose a Good Sales Location
As stated earlier you can start from home but when expanding you may need to get a bigger place. At this point try and get a place where is accessible and located near your target markets like homes, churches and event centers.

4. Find Suppliers
You need to get suppliers to get you the raw materials for your business. The best thing is to get more than one supplier to avoid being disappointed or delays as this could affect the smooth running of your business.

5. Hire Workers
As the business expands you will need to get help to assist you and the business. Try and get workers who are trained or you are able to train them so that they can meet up with the demands of the business.

This is a business if properly done can be successful. Make sure you conduct a feasibility study and register you business and get the necessary government approval to start.

You can advertise the business online on social media and use flyers and brochures. When packaging your cakes for pick up or delivery, print your names on the pack as a form of advertisement to boost your business.



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