So many entrepreneurs find it hard to achieve some specific goals because they feel they can do it on their own,  when they can actually make it happen faster, better and more efficiently.  Delegating is very important in any firm and if done properly it will help your business.

The more your firm increases in size, the more you will need to delegate more. Sharing responsibilities will help you to create a more productive, competent and confident team.

These are the following tips that help you to delegate in a proper and productive way.

Decide What To Delegate

The most important thing to do when you want to start delegating is to know the exact task you want to delegate to others. When you want to start this, do not assign your most critical, time-sensitive tasks to others, you can start with simple tasks to actually know the people you can depend on in your team.

The Right People

Test everyone with simple tasks, day in day out, from these simple tasks, it will be easy for you to know the dependable from the ones that might disappoint you. You will also use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the members of your team and even your own personal weaknesses.

Clear Communication

Give a clear and definite assignment, when you want to delegate a task to your team members, talk about your expectations, timelines and deliverables. The more direction you give them, the more likely they will come back with what you are looking for.

Check-In Once In A While But Don’t Be Overbearing

Not everyone you delegate tasks to deliver without supervision, therefore, if you delegate to make sure you check on the person once in a while to check the progress of the work. There is a balance to this though, do not be overbearing, this will the person discouraged and unmotivated to even continue with the task.

Patience And Understanding

You need to that delegating will require a lot of your understanding and patience, because you will answer a lot of questions and you will put do a lot of putting through if you want the task to come out the way you want it to. This also includes addressing problems when they arise, so that your team members can learn from them and do things differently next time.

Give Credit For Job Well Done

You are the boss or team leader and that means most credits will go directly to your, but that doesn’t mean you should take all the credits, make sure you pass on the credits to the right people that actually did the tasks or contributed in a way. This will help you with your team members next time you want to assign a task to them.

The act of learning how to delegate is a continuous process, the more you delegate the more you learn better ways to do it.



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