Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana, Prime Minister of Madagascar from April 13, 2016 to June 4, has resigned as the prime minister. Before his registration on Monday there has been political crises that was caused by the prime minister’s controversial electoral reforms.

The opposition attacked his government’s new electoral reform saying that it was crafted to bar their candidates from participating in elections planned for later this year.

The opposition have staged different protest against this since April 21, which has made the Constitutional Court to order the President Rajaonarimampianina to form a government of National unity with a “consensus prime minister” to avert a full blown crisis.

For the court order to come to play, the incumbent prime minster had to resign and the president is to name a new one by June 12.

Speaking immediately after his resignation, Oliver Mahafaly Soonandrasana former Prime Minister of Madagascar said “i will tender my resignation to the president today. As a statesman, i cannot be an obstacle to the life of the nation.”

“I resign willingly and with happiness. I have no regrets today and i can leave with my head held high. I will leave this magnificent palace, but i tell you this is not “goodbye” he said during his press briefing.



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