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Are You Looking for Jobs? See How to Make Money Creating Jobs for Semi-skilled Labour


Nigeria is a country blessed with both natural and human resources. There are so many ways through which one can become rich but only if you can tap into the existing opportunities arising from needs of the majority. Many uneducated youths find it difficult to secure jobs due to the growing demand for skilled labour in the industries.

But no industry can over-look the importance of unskilled workers such as cleaners, cooks, drivers, general house maids. Employers will feel more comfortable employing workers (unskilled) from a very reliable source. Here is where the opportunity comes in.
The Business

  • Set up an office where you will recruit unskilled workers
  • Take their information and register them with a minimum fee
  • Get a Police report and let each worker be aware as they are registered
  • Visit their residence to be sure of the root
  • Have a few number of semi or skilled workers
  • Have them train the unskilled workers to become cultured and hard-working
  • Get in touch with homes, organistions, business places and make them aware of the availability of unskilled workers
  • Advertise what your organisation does – get a website if possible
  • Supply workers to business on request
  • Get a minimum percentage in each worker supplied
  • Why the Business will Excel

Homes and business places will feel comfortable recruiting this set of workers from a reliable source. They know where they can go in case there is any problem.
Also jobless people will be willing to register because they are assured of getting a job soon er than later
There is no business without its challenges. The most likely challenge in this business is establishing the trust of people. This will depend on your effort in recruiting workers and ensuring proper training of them. More reason why it is very necessary you acquire a police report for each registered worker. If you can overcome this, you will surely succeed



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