Roughly every aspiring university student has experienced bullying at some point in their life. Like any form of violence, bullying leaves scars, be they physical, emotional, or both. This problem is very difficult-not impossible- to deal with, especially when one is a victim. Therefore, a safe learning environment is the top priority of Adeleke University. It has policies to prevent bullying and harm to each student. Bullying is in the news nearly every day. We can’t run or hide from it. Bullies-whether school bullies, Internet bullies, etc. –are a growing concern.

Bullying can affect everyone (those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying). This was the case of a recent bullying incident which caused the death of a student at Adeleke University. From the time of this incident, which occurred in March, to the end of the 2017/2018 session, students were taught to recognize bullying and to become defenders of the victims rather than casual bystanders. The university called upon its students to stand up and assertively, but without resorting to violence, oppose intentional acts of cruelty and abuse because they are sinful and crimes. Church sermons now emphasize more on tolerance, respect, gentleness, kindness and love. The university aims to grow kinder and gentler students through bullying prevention.

How students are to deal with bullying under the updated policies of AU

  1. Ignore the bully: It is obvious bullies derive enjoyment from the reaction displayed by their victims, and in most cases, they are not willing or prepared to raise the level of violence in their approach. Be simple and gentle in your response to bullies- simply say ‘enough’ or ‘leave me alone’.
  2. Get help from the adult authority figures: There is nothing wrong with seeking help from an adult (professors, counsellors, supervisors, security officers, school pastors etc.) in a bullying situation. Bullying is a serious matter and your reporting the abuse might motivate other students in similar situations. Also, these individuals always have the means to help you more efficiently.
  3. Stand up for yourself: This definitely does not mean responding to violence with violence. Rather, what you need to show the bully is that you are not a victim. This can be done by standing tall and confident, showing the abuser that their words have no meaning or value to you.

You are fearfully and wonderfully created, and so you must not put yourself down or let someone else do so!



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