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The Long Summer – A Tale Of Forbidden Love ( Episode Two)

It was my worst nightmare ever. The outfit I had so strenuously picked out was soiled by Tania’s thick foundation. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I dropped it on the bed I sighted a note stating,”I’m sorry babe”. And that was it,nothing else, no replacement, nothing. “arrgh!” I exclaimed. “Could today get any worse?” I screeched out then began pacing the room, thinking of a replacement. One major problem I had and always would have is inability to pick out clothes quickly. Everything just had issues when I needed to go out. Either the jeans is too loose or the blouse is too childish or the shoe was too serious. Story of my life.

After an hour of ransacking my room and ignoring Tania calling out to me, I finally settled on a blue boo-boo I had gotten in school. It was cute, loose and highly conservative. I needed to portray my true-self, a woman with dignity. “Come, why do I care so much about how I look,he’s not my boyfriend now” I squeezed my brows as I chastised myself. It was ridiculous. Like who cares what he thinks. I packed my hair in a ponytail, ignoring the weaved hair showing underneath and walked down the stairs with a make-up less face.

I opened the door to an overwhelming site. They were making out. Luckily for me it was first base. Tania was about to take off her top when I muttered “There are plenty rooms in this house guys”. Both eyes flung to me. It was so hilarious how embarrassed they both looked. It was thrilling. I had gotten my revenge. Everyone was now caught in embarrassing moments. I smiled mischievously and sat on the sofa opposite them.

“It’s embarrassing that you guys had to meet like this but-”

“Embarrassing?!” we both cut in. Seju and I. Then kept quiet when we realized we chorused it.

Tania laughed then said, “What the heck guys? You guys should be twins. what’s up”

Seju and I looked at each other. Who was going to break this awkward gist to her. The boyfriend or the best friend.

“What?” she pressured with an amused face.

I was about to break the ice when Seju said “Nothing baby, I’m surprised we said that at the same time. You know great minds think alike” he winked at me. What the hell is this? Why aren’t we saying what happened and getting it over with? Why did he lie? I ransacked my mind with thoughts.

I laughed nervously, “yeah, haha they do or you’re just a copycat”

Tania looked unconvinced for some seconds but after a while she somewhat seemed to shrug it off because a few minutes later she was lip-locking with her boyfriend.”Let’s go upstairs” he said.

“Eat first joh, don’t be too forward, plus you know you need all the strength you can get“, she baited her lids.

He looked disappointed but obliged. She stood up and announced that she was going to cook for him. I offered to follow her only for my best friend to state that I shouldn’t leave Seju alone in the parlor. He offered to come with us but little miss perfect said if he watched her cook, she would make rubbish. I rolled my eyes at that, It was just Indomie and egg that she was making such a fuss about.

After minutes of going back and forth on the matter, she was gone and I was stuck alone in the little too big and little too cold sitting room with a little too strange boy, whom I just had a little too strange encounter with and had to tell a little too wrong white lie for.

Speaking of which… “Why did you lie?” I asked

“Woah slow down with the attack. Its not like you corrected me or gave a contrary opinion, you went with the flow smartie”

“What was I supposed to say, her beloved cute boyfriend-”

“Cute? You think I’m cute“he winked.

“arrgh! can you quit it. I’m trying to make a point here” He waved his hand in an approving manner and I continued “You are her boyfriend you were supposed to tell her”

“yeah right and the best friend for years isn’t supposed to?” He rolled his eyes.

“ugh, I hate all these kind of things. I hate lying to her”

“babe chill out. It’s not something serious. Let’s forget it. Erase it from your mind.”

I sighed and gave up. He was right. It’s not like he saw the front view. Still! ‘MY BUM!! UGH

“by the way you looked hot, If not  for the ugly green, we would have had a happy ending”

Ugly green thing? Happy ending? I was confused.

Tania walked in carrying nice scenting noodles in a tray with a glass cup and fruit juice equally in the tray. She looked stressed out. You would think she just finished pounding yam.

As she dropped it on the stool in front of him she realized, she forgot cutlery and rushed back to get one.

I was still confused. Did he see any ugly green vein on my body. I fought the urge to rush to check it out. Whatever he meant wasn’t my problem. I wasn’t going to push it. He sha called me hot, I grinned at the thought. Your friend’s boyfriend, I reminded myself.

Tania was back. She sat beside her lover and fed him. It was such a cute sight to behold. After much admiration, I picked up her phone and began to record snaps of them. Everyone on Snapchat would forever know about a couple Seju and Tania.

The rest of the day went really fast. Lovers playing love. Me messaging Emmanuel my crush. It was cool.

We finally escorted him out of the house and resorted to resting and watching TV.

While watching Game of Thrones I suddenly remembered what he said again. The ugly green thing. What the hell was that. I decided to go check my body. I hoped it wasn’t varicose veins he saw. I excused myself as discreet as possible from Tania and sneaked to the room.

I completely undressed myself and began to check for the green shit. After like 20 minutes of thorough checking, I saw nothing. I was irritated with myself he was obviously messing with me.

“Ada where you at?” It was Tania coming up the stairs. How would I explain my nakedness?. I quickly sighted my towel and tyed it around me. As I looked into the mirror I realized my towel was green.


“If not for the ugly green thing, we would have had an happy ending?” Jesus he was talking about seeing more than he saw. A view of my body is his happy ending?

What the hell?

What do I do? Is this right? Do I tell Tania? She would wonder why we lied? Or might think I am lying? No she’s my bestfriend she can’t think that.


But he’s her boyfriend. That’s she’s obsessed with. Who would she believe?

She opened the door and the innocent look on her face caused my heart to sink.

What do i do ? Tell her or forget it?


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